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ADF represents Auto-lead Data Format; ADF uses XML to export and import automotive customer leads

Ad Group

contains one or multiple advertisements that share similar targets

Avg. Num. Pages

refers to the average number of site pages that are viewed by the user during a visit

Avg. Time Engaged

the average time that your visitor was engaged on your website (clicking, scrolling, new page views, any user activity)

Avg. Time Spent

the average amount of time that was spent on your website including idle time

Bounce Count

the number of visits that leave the website within 20 seconds


this is the browser that your visitor used to enter your website

Browser Version

this is the version of the browser that the visitor is currently using


the specific actions you organize to promote your car dealership

Campaign ID

the identifier that is given to your campaign

Conversion Count

the number of converting actions completed by your website visitors

Conversion Rate

a percentage that is calculated by the number of converting actions to the number of total visits on the website

Converting Action

when a user visits your website and completes an action that meets your business' goals

Converting Visit Count

the total number of visits that have completed a converting action.

Cross-Model Percentage

the percentage of customers that look at several different models of vehicles as they are browsing your website


cost per click; in reference to advertisements that charges based on clicks


this is the operating system that your visitor used (iOS, Android, Windows, Chromium OS, Mac OS X, etc.)

Device Type

this includes mobile, tablet, desktop, and other devices used to access your website

Device Version

the device version refers to the current operating system version that of the users' device


any kind of data that can be used to describe what you are tracking with words


Dynamic Number Insertion; method of call tracking


your domain refers to your ISP (typically includes a '.com' address)

End Date

the date of the last session of your visitor

End Time

the time that the session was ended with your visitor


info relates to devices, which includes additional device information

Intent Count

he number of total visitors that have intent, which is measured by the engagement of these visitors

Intent Rate

the intent is measured by the engagement of the visitor


an Internet Protocol Address that is assigned to each device connected to a computer network


the Internet Service Provider (the company where you or your visitor gets internet from)

Landing Page

the first page users see when they click a link or advertisement that leads to your website

Logo Location

the location of the campaign logo


a conversion that provides you with customer information


how you send your message to your customers


data that has a numerical value; a metric is anything you can count

Mismatch Percentage

the difference between how many shoppers are looking at specific models on your lot compared to how many vehicles of those same models

New Visit Count

the total number of visits that are visiting your website for the first time

New Visit Rate

the percentage of new visits (who have not been to your website before) over total visits

Num. Pages

the number of pages that user(s) view when they are on your website


an organic medium is when a user looks up your site using a search engine


the registered organization associated with the IP address

Page Tags

labels for your website that include Home, SRP, VDP, Service, Parts, New, Used, Contact, and Lease

Page URL

any pageview (with a URL, typically with ".com") the user viewed

Page Views

the number of clicks (or views) that your website receives within the given date range

Postal Code

the postal code is a mailing code, similar to ZIP code

Previous Page URL

the pageview the user was viewing before getting to the current page URL

Property ID

the property ID that Orbee assigned to the rooftop associated to the specific account

Property Name

the name of the dealership

Property Source

the website of the dealership (property)


the region refers to the state or province of the user

Returning Visit Count

the number of visits that have returned to your website(after visiting a previous time)


where the user came from to get to your site

Total Num. Pages

the aggregated number of pages that a user or group of users visit as they browse your website

True Bounce Rate

the percentage of users that leave your website within twenty seconds of creating a new session (at Orbee)

Start Date

the beginning date of a user's website visit

Start Time

the beginning time of a user's website visit


where the user came from to get to your site


Search Results Page

Time Engaged

the amount of time that a user is showing activity on your website

Time Engaged Tier

these are 20-second tiers for users that are every twenty seconds (this is so we can group these users)

Time Spent

the amount of time a user spends on your website during a visit, which includes the idle time

Time Spent Tier

refers to the Time Spent, along with its 20-second tiers; tiers help group users based on the time they spent browsing your website

Total Num. Pages

the aggregated number of pages that a user or group of users visit as they browse your website

Total Time Engaged

the total amount of time that user(s) spend on the website that shows activity

Total Visits

the number of times a user enters the website, regardless of whether the user has visited before

UTM Parameter

Urchin Tracking Module parameters; tags added to the end of a URL to allow for tracking


Vehicle Description Page


Vehicle Identification Number

Visit Count

the number of visits a user makes to your website

Visitor Count

the number of users who have visited the website

Visitor ID

generated identification for each visitor on your website

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