Orbee's Waze Certification


With a Waze certification, we can provide your dealership with:

  • Our representatives can serve advertisements on the Waze app with expertise

  • We will have access to vertical insights and case studies

  • There will be premium ad features that are only for Waze Certified companies

Waze Ads

  • There will be three advertisement options available on the Waze app:

    • Pin ads: pins alert drivers that your business is nearby, marking your business location on the Waze map with important information (business address, hours, phone number, and deals)

    • Search ads: these ads show up when a user searches for a business, and these ads will show under the search results

    • Zero-Speed ads: these ads show up on the screen if Wazers make a complete stop for more than three seconds

  • New clients will have increased visibility

  • There is a 20% average navigation increase (Waze study)

  • There is a Waze Local Dashboard that monitors the ad's performance and allows you to manage your account. You will be able to see:

    • Views: the number of Wazers seeing the ad

    • Clicks: the number of clicks on the Pin or Search result

    • Navigations: the number of clicks on "Drive There" or "Go" from ads

Last Updated: Jan 30, 2020 3:32 PM

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