New Car Shoppers Analysis

Under the New Car Shoppers Analysis section, the car dealerships within the group are being compared based on their new cars.

  • The default Comparison Metric is Mismatch %. This chart shows the percentage of Mismatch New Car Shoppers to the Non-Mismatch percentage of New Car Shoppers.

  • To change the Comparison Metric, select the drop-down menu right below the date range and select "Cross-Model Shoppers %."

  • It will display a similar graph to the Mismatch %, but instead showing Cross-Model Shoppers % to Non-Cross-Model Shoppers %.

  • Below the bar graph will display a table with Total New Car Shoppers, Mismatch %, Average Models Viewed, and Cross-Model Shopper %.

  • Clicking any of these metrics will take you to the New Car Shoppers Analysis section of the Platform.

  • If you would like to filter out these metrics, you can click on the funnel and select a specific filter. These filters include Paid Search, Organic Search, Social, Display, Email, and Other.

  • You can also export the file into a Microsoft Excel file (.csv) by clicking on the button with the down arrow.

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