For Paid Search, our co-op packet includes an Excel document that contains:

  • Orbee Invoice of Advertising Spend (Reported ad spend does not include any third party agency commission.)

  • Successful Keyword Screenshot

  • Table of Keywords (No service, parts, used, or competition keywords. Clicks, impressions, avg. CPC, and cost)

  • Display Ad Creatives (Ensure the Ad Creatives meet Hyundai requirements (ie. Logo is included))

  • Successful Display Ad on Website Screenshot

For Facebook, our co-op packet includes a PDF that contains:

  • Facebook Invoice of Advertising Spend

  • Screenshot of Ad(s) in Facebook

  • Display URL(s)

  • Screenshot(s) of Dealership Website from Display URL

Last Updated: Jan 27, 2020 10:19 AM

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