General Shopper Analysis

General Shopper Analysis takes a look at the metrics of your customers as compared to the other dealership websites in your group. You can change the date range if needed.

  • In the example above, there are nine car dealership websites.

  • This bar graph is displaying the number of return shoppers to the number of non-return shoppers.

  • This graph also includes the group website and the Group Average.

  • The Group Average will consist of the entire group's average.

*Note: If your car dealership does not belong to a group, the Group Average will remain the same (because there is no number to average with).

  • If you would like to change the Comparison Metric, you can select a different metric using the drop-down menu below the date range.

  • Changing the metric to Car Shoppers will display a graph that will compare the percentage of Car Shoppers vs. Non Car Shoppers

  • Converted Shoppers will display Converted Shoppers vs. Non Converted Shoppers

  • Just below the bar graph, there will be a table that lists the metrics for each dealership. The metrics will include:

    • Total Shoppers

    • Return Total Shoppers %

    • Engaged Car Total Shoppers %

    • Converted Total Shoppers %

  • Clicking any of these metrics will take you to the Shoppers Overview section of the Platform.

  • If you would like to filter out these metrics, you can click on the funnel and select a specific filter. These filters include Paid Search, Organic Search, Social, Display, Email, and Other.

  • You can also export the file into a Microsoft Excel file (.csv) by clicking on the button with the down arrow.

To learn more about the Group Comparison tab, check out Sales vs. Shopper Analysis!

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