Product Overview

TradePending is a trade-in tool that is placed on your dealership's website to seamlessly allow customers to check the trade-in value of their vehicle.

  • It can be placed on any webpage on your website and works on mobile websites as well

  • You can place the tool on a landing page for campaigns

  • There is a Google Analytics Integration with TradePending

Integration with Orbee

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Orbee's integration allows us to track two activities:

  1. Select: when a user selects the tool

  2. Complete: when the trade-in form has been completed

Orbee takes this information that we are able to capture and integrate it into the Platform.

  • Knowing when a user has completed the trade-in is also considered as filling out a form, and this is considered as a conversion

  • We can also track when a user selects the trade-in tool, but does not complete the form, and using this, your dealership can target them and provide an incentive for trading in their vehicle for a new one

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