This article goes over the differences between a visit and a session.


  • A session is a metric that is found on Google Analytics.

  • A session is a group of website interactions within a given timeframe

  • A session ends when a user has 30 minutes of inactivity or ends at midnight

  • It can also end if a user arrives at one campaign, leaves, and enters the website from a different campaign


  • A visit is a metric found on the Platform.

  • A visit is a group of website interactions that starts when a user enters the website and ends when the user leaves the website

    • If a visitor enters the website, leaves, and enters again, it will count as a separate visit (two total)

  • A visit does not have an expiration time and also includes inactivity.

    • If a visitor enters the website and is inactive, but comes back, it will still be considered as one visit.

  • Multiple tabs count as multiple visits

  • We have backoff pinging every 10 seconds to the user to check for inactivity

    • The frequency will increase to up to every 5 minutes until the user becomes active again, of which it will return to checking for inactivity for every ten seconds. For example, if a user is inactive for 20 minutes, we will check their inactivity not as often as every 10 seconds due to the bandwidth


A session is based on inactivity for 30 minutes or if a user enters from a different campaign, but a visit is determined every time a user enters the website.

If a user enters your website, is active for 30 minutes, inactive for 32 minutes, active for 2 minutes, Google Analytics considers that as 2 sessions. Orbee will consider this as 1 visit.

If a user enters your website from a direct/none (source/medium) for 5 minutes, leaves for 2 minutes, and comes back in 5 minutes, Google Analytics will consider this as 1 session. Orbee will consider this as 2 visits.

You will need to understand that there will always be a discrepancy between these two metrics from Google Analytics and the Platform because of the different ways that Google and Orbee track the users' activity.

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