Call Reports

  • Call Reports will be the first section you will see on the Calls tab.

  • The first item you will see is the Calls Comparison by Call Origin bar graph.

    • This bar graph will compare the number of calls and the number of callers

  • On this graph, there are a few things you need to know:

    • Each of these Call Origins is listed as Source/Mediums

    • The sources that are listed donotreplace are off-site phone numbers.

  • The default call origin refers to the fallback phone number if the source/medium does not provide a phone number.

  • If you would like to view a specific metric, you can cross out the metric by clicking on the name at the top of the graph. This will also change the bottom of the table (x-axis) based on the metric(s) selected.

  • To change the bar graph to a different view, you can click the line graph icon on the top right of the graph to view Calls by Day.

    • For this view, it will show you # of Calls, # of Callers, and Avg. Call Duration as the metrics with the selected date range at the bottom (x-axis) instead.

Calls by Day

  • To view a different date range, you can change the date range.

  • Below the graph, it will list three metrics: Total Calls, Total Callers, and Avg. Call Duration. It will be the total value of each metric for the selected date range.

  • Next, we will be taking a look at the Call Logs.

Call Logs

  • This table will show you:

    • Call Origin: the call origin will tell you the source/medium of the caller

    • Caller Name: some caller names will be found on this table

    • Caller: this is the phone number that the caller called from

    • Called: the phone number that the caller called

    • Department: this will be the store name (if your account has several properties)

    • Call Status: call status will tell you whether the call had no answer, was completed or is in progress

    • DNI: this will show you whether or not the phone number the customer called was a DNI number or a non-DNI number

    • Call Duration: this is how long the phone call lasted

    • Call Day | Time: the day and time the call was made

  • To change the number of rows, click the drop-down menu next to Display Rows:

  • To go to the next page of the table, click the > arrow; to go back click the < arrow.

  • If you would like to go to the last page, click the >> icon; to go to the beginning, click <

The next section in the Calls tab is the Manage Numbers.

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