The source/medium tables have different colors for the metric rates, and this article will explain the differences.

For some metrics, a higher percentage can be positive, whereas others can be negative.

Knowing this, we can distinguish the different colors for the metric rates.

Below, we have a list of how Orbee determines the color ranges for each metric:

  • Intent Rate

    • 0-5% is Red

    • 5-10% is Yellow

    • More than 10% is Green

  • True Bounce Rate

    • 0-30% is Green

    • 30-50% is Yellow

    • More 50% is Red

  • For Conversion Rate, we do not display it with color because the rates were too small to find a good range breakdown.

  • When you are looking at these colors, please realize that not all metric rates in red are a negative result of your marketing efforts.

  • There are several reasons as to why your rates may be marked as red. It could be a specific campaign type or that your website is not optimized for the best user experience.

If you have any other questions, feel free to search the Knowledge Base or contact a representative.

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