We will be going over CreditMiner's integration with Orbee.

Product Overview

  • CreditMiner is a credit and pre-screening tool that checks customer credit without needing to put in a social security number or date of birth which leads to maximum conversions

  • It is an eCreditApp that generates tiered credit leads by plugging into the dealership's website and features a 3-step process

  • Dealers choose to pre-screen customers in real-time by soft-pulling data

Information the dealer can get from customers



Customer Info

  • Credit Score

  • # of Credit Inquiries

  • # of Late Payments

  • Revolving Debt %

Loan Info

  • Current Loan/Lease Monthly Payment Amount

  • Current Loan/Lease Interest Rate

  • Current Loan Term

  • Original Loan Amount

  • Loan Months Remaining

  • Co-Signer Indicator

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