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Segment List

Segments are specific "buckets" that we place shoppers in after visiting your site to help create a shopper profile. Shoppers are placed into specific segments by completing an action on your website. For example, if a user views a specific make or model, they will be placed in that segment. The visitor can have several segments under their shopper profile if they meet the requirements.

  • These segments are used to set up your advertisements on Facebook and Google Ads.

  • The Segments table will show you the segment name, description, integration types if it is active when it was last updated, and the date it was created.

  • The integration types are Facebook, Google Ads, and Google Analytics.

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Segment Analysis

  • Segment Analysis will show you the aggregated numbers of dropped segments for Facebook, Google Ads, Google Analytics, and the Total Segments.

  • You can also change the date range to view the segments dropped in a different time period.

The Segment Analysis Table displays a list of the:

Segment Name

the name of the segment; to view the segment description, take a look at the segment list


this is where the segment is currently being implemented (Google Ads, Facebook, Google Analytics)

Total Segments Dropped

this is the total number of times a website visitor meets a requirement for that segment

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