The Timeline will show you the conversions in chronological order, starting with the beginning of the date range, and the last page being the end of the date range.

There are three conversion types, represented using the following icons:

Click to SMS

Click to Call

Form Submission It will also state the Conversion Type below the visitor ID Instead of stating the visitor's name, we set an anonymous ID to ensure that your customers' privacy is respected.

Clicking on the Visitor ID link will lead you to the Shopper Profile section of the Platform. The other information that is listed under each Visitor Conversion includes:

Landing page URL

the page that your visitor first entered

Converting Page URL

the page that your visitor completed a converting action


the referrer will typically be the URL that led the visitor to your page (for example, Google is a referrer if your visitor used Google to find your car dealership's website)


where the user came from to get to your site


how you send your message to your customers


how you communicate your marketing efforts to your customers

Time Spent

the amount of time that your visitor spent on your website (includes idle time)

Time Engaged

the amount of time your visitor spent clicking links and browsed your website

Number of Pages

refers to the number of pages your visitor clicked

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