This article will go over how to use the Advertising Budgets section of the Platform.

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About Advertising Budgets

The Advertising Budgets section of the Platform allows you to create Budget Plans for each of your campaigns by allocating funds to these campaigns and its groups The budgets are connected to your Ads account and will affect any changes made here The budgets can also be set to Autopilot, allowing calculations for daily spend per campaign which ensures that the campaign budgets will not overspend

Budget Plans

In the Advertising Budgets section of the Manage tab, the first table you will see will consist of Budget Plans. This table includes:

Budget Name

The format will be:

Ad Platform | (Date) Year-Month Identification Number; ID (generated by Orbee)

Target Budget

How much your dealership plans to spend on this budget plan

Reserved Budget

How much of the total budget that is not allocated


How much of the budget that has been spent so far

Utilization %

Percentage of how much of the budget that has been spent so far this month


This will show whether Autopilot is on or off. When Autopilot is on, we update all budgets daily to ensure the campaign is spending all funds appropriately

Days Active

The number of days the budget plan has been active

Start Date

The date where you began this budget plan

End Date

The last day of the budget plan

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