This article goes over the partnership of DealerSocket and Orbee.

Product Overview

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DealerSocket is a CRM (Customer Relations Management) system for car dealerships. DealerSocket allows dealerships to manage customers by including sales, service, desking, communication, data mining, and digital retail

Benefits of the Partnership

An integration with Orbee and DealerSocket allows your dealership to provide a personalized experience for your shoppers The data shared between DealerSocket and Orbee helps us better understand the data and use it to utilize insights to capitalize on trends, create deeper brand loyalty, and deliver more convenience in our operations If your dealership integrates DealerSocket with Orbee, data will be sent from the dealership's database on DealerSocket to Orbee using a Data Export Tool. This data can be a one-time export or scheduled as requested.

The data that can be retrieved includes:

Task Communication Preference Customer Opportunity First Response Opportunity Status Log External Reference Sales Opportunity Vehicle Service Opportunity Vehicle User Service Opportunity Details Service Opportunity Repair Order

From DealerSocket

EntitySync: send website visitor information and link the visitor to an existing customer record in DealerSocket when a match is found Activity Insert/Update: create or update activity types for open events in DealerSocket such as outbound calls, appointments, read work notes and website leads Customer Update: update customer information in DealerSocket. This will soon also allow for inserting of customers if not currently found in DealerSocket DealerSocket Outbound APIs will help dealers streamline workflows by allowing them to automatically send information directly to Orbee Lead Forwarding Service: forwards incoming and/or processed lead data from a dealership to Orbee for fulfillment in an XML or email format Deal Push Basic: this pushes the data to the DMS by the dealership one-way to Orbee and includes the basic deal data Deal Pushed Advanced: adds desking/financial data to Deal Push Basic

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