Reports will give you a detailed analysis of your inventory.

Inventory Reports

In the first section, the metrics displayed are the number of Archived Vehicles, New Vehicles, and Total Vehicles. Archived vehicles are vehicles that have been sold or are no longer available New vehicles are vehicles that have been added to the inventory within the date range Total vehicles are the total number of vehicles (archived and new) during this date range

Inventory Velocity Trend

This graph is called the Inventory Velocity Trend. This would be considered as the Daily Inflow of New Vehicles.

You can change the step size to view by day, month, or week by using the drop-down menu.

You can also change the Chart Dimension by clicking the drop-down menu and selecting New Vehicles, Archived Vehicles, Total Vehicles, or Avg. Days On Lot.

Inventory Velocity Report

The Inventory Velocity Report will tell you the Make, Vehicles in Stock, Vehicles Archived, Vehicles New, and Average Days on Lot for your inventory. When the arrows are up and green, this means:

Vehicles in Stock

You have had more cars in stock the selected date range than before

Vehicles Archived

You have sold more of these cars this date range than the previous range

Vehicles New

You have acquired more of these cars this date range

Average Days on Lot

This car has increased its time on the lot this month

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