Using the Personalizations Section

We included a search bar to allow the ability to quickly look for the plugin you would like to view

To filter your plugins, click this icon:

and toggle the filter. Select OK once toggled.

If the plugin has been installed, it will have a green Installed icon on the top-left of the plugin

Hovering over the plugin image will allow you to Configure or view the Instructions to install the plugin.

Personalizations: Configuration

For the settings of the plugin configurations, you will see: Content Config Targeting Active Timestamp

When you click Edit, you will see the settings that are listed under the Config part of the table Trigger Inventory ID Targeting Active Status

Personalizations: Installation

When hovering over the plugin and selecting Instructions, it will lead you to the installation instructions page for that plugin. At the moment, you will need to contact an Orbee representative to install your site plugins.

We will soon add an email button to email you or your web vendor the instructions needed to install these plugins.

The Personalizations

There are four parts in the Personalizations section:

Banner Banner refers to the display advertisements that Orbee creates and displays on your website.

Navigation Bar
The Navigation Bar refers to the On-site Navigation Bar, also known as the Shopping History Navigation Bar.


The Favorites Plugin allows your shoppers to save vehicles they are interested in as they are browsing your website.


Vehicle Hold is a plugin that we can add to your website that allows your shoppers to put a deposit down on a vehicle to hold it for 24 hours. Pop-up Lead Form is a plugin that shows a pop-up on your website that gives your visitors an opportunity to fill out a form.

The next tab on the Orbee Platform is the Profile tab.

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