This article will explain the process of customizing your website banner.

To customize your website banner, we will require that you answer these questions and submit them using the form that is sent to you. This article will go over these questions and provide you with some background knowledge before submitting your answers.

We will need these answers as soon as possible in order to get started on your website banner. We want to be able to meet your requests, but we will also provide you with some guidance to create these banners.

Thank you for choosing Orbee for your creatives! We are excited to work with you.

So let's get started!

What we need to know from you

Do you already have a look and feel that you would like Orbee to replicate? If you do, then we will be asking you to upload an example. We would also like to request the following information:
Lease upload APR Starting at (price) Special Price/Net Saving Other (any other information we need to get from you)How would you like to display your vehicle title? (Select one of the following options)
Year, Make, Model, Trim Year, Make, Model Year, Model, Trim Year, Model would you like to include Stock Number, VIN, or Squish VIN? If there are more than five vehicles, we will typically caption "5+ at this price."Is there a disclaimer that needs to be placed on the banner? If there is a disclaimer, we will need you to send us the exact disclaimer that you would like to include. Is there an event logo that you would like to include on the banner? The event logo refers to any seasonal deals or specials you may have and prefer to add to your banner. You will need to upload this event logo. Would you like your store logo on the banner? You will need to upload your store logo if you would like to have it on your banner. Would you like a specific font? If so, please provide us with the font name that you would prefer. Otherwise, we will set the font to one that fits well with your website and banner. Is there an accent color you would prefer on your banner? If there is an accent color you would like on your banner, please include the HEX code in your response. If you have no preference, our team will optimize the best color to match the rest of the creative and your dealership's website Do you have a relative background preference? This selection is to develop a creative style preference for the backgrounds that change seasonally You will have three template layouts to choose from. These are some examples of what advertisements you will be seeing:

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