Email Analysis

You will first see the Total Clicks Used metric which refers to the total number of clicks your emails have received since working with Orbee for your email tracking.

There are two ways we can track these clicks: We set up an email tracking system with your current email source/mediums. You choose Orbee to send out your email campaigns which automatically tracks the number of clicks.To get started on the Email Analysis, you will first have to select a date range.

After doing so, you will need to choose one or several email campaigns by clicking the drop-down menu, Select Campaigns.

Once you select your campaigns, it should show up below the drop-down menu. Once you have selected all the email campaigns you would like to see, click the Apply button.

Aggregate Data

The first table that you will see is Aggregate Data.

Aggregate Data will include:


the source is the email service is that you use for your email campaigns


the medium (which should be email)

Campaign ID

the specific ID number for that email campaign

Campaign Name

the email campaign name


which cars will be shown in the email campaign


(UTM term) a small part of the URL used to track the traffic

Email Count

total number of email addresses this campaign sent to

IP Count

number of different IP addresses that accessed the email

User Count

number of users (can be the same user on a different device, but will be counted as more than one)

Click Count

the number of total clicks the email campaign received

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